What If Star Wars Was Resolved Without War?


There’s a lot of war in Star Wars, as its name implies. But while lightsabers swinging and blaster fire screaming down hallways is a lot of fun to watch, what if the Rebels and Empire resolved their conflicts more peacefully instead? like, say, a game of Force-chess?

Márk Juhász’s short but fun fan film, Star Peacefully Resolved Conflict, is a cutesy reimagining of A New Hope, but in a galaxy where the Rebels and the Empire are a lot less aggressive in their attempts to free/rule the galaxy, respectively. Also, Luke and Vader’s ultimate showdown is a little more… cerebral.

Between the cute art style and the silly jokes, it makes for a galaxy far, far, away. But it’s worth remembering that sometimes waging wars in the stars isn’t always the answer.